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In our production centers, all steps from every department (development.framas, innovation.framas, and moldshop.framas) come together to bring your product to perfect form.



For us at framas, it is important to act transparently. We actively involve you in the ongoing process and always inform you about the current status of your developments. For even greater agility, your customer advisors and the heads of all departments are involved from the beginning in the manufacturing process in order to be able to react quickly and effectively to the later requirements in serial production.


In our sample production facilities, prototypes are produced using material that has the same features as the later series material. In doing so, we reproduce the defined quality requirements as much as possible and you can evaluate and test your product even before serial production. This way we give you the opportunity to make final changes in order to optimally meet your needs and expectations for the product.


The high degree of automation in our production facilities enables us to manufacture your injection molded components at all our locations at a stable cost and with consistent high quality. The process stability and quality of our products are further enhanced by automation. This means that we can offer the efficiency and economy of large-scale production even for small quantities or frequent product changes. This offers you increased price stability, even for small series.



With the help of a uniform Manufacturing Execution System (MES) at all framas locations, we create the necessary transparency. We can digitally record, monitor, and analyze our production planning and actively react to short-term orders thereby ensuring an optimal utilization of our production. Machine efficiency, material consumption, as well as production & delivery times are continuously optimized such that we can offer maximum flexibility and quality throughout the production process.



We manufacture plastic components in series production with an injection weight of up to 500gr. and a clamping force of 8tn – 450tn. Full electrical injection molding machines increase the precision and thus the quality of the injection molded parts and reduce power consumption substantially.

Our worldwide production facilities are constantly growing and updated to be equipped with the most modern machines from well-known manufacturers. Through automation processes and digital production planning, we increase efficiency and reduce costs for our customers. We think ahead and, with the support of our innovation departments, research advanced technologies that can make our productions even more efficient.

With the multi-component injection molding technology, we can functionally combine different colors and materials. These hybrid parts advantageously combine different properties of plastic materials and create a composite that is made for new tasks.

In addition, we process a wide variety of inserts made of carbon, metal, aluminum, etc., which can be precisely over-molded with our injection molding technology to create new intelligent products.


“An ideal interaction of the 4 M’s – (hu)man, machine, molds & material.” – Martin Jachmann (COO)

In addition to materials research, all our sites also operate with quality assurance in all departments and areas. All materials are tested and evaluated based on their mechanical, optical, and thermal properties in our TÜV®-certified laboratories before they are used. Only materials that meet the high-quality requirements of the industry are used in our production facilities.

The internal framas laboratories are organized group-wide, standardized, and technically equipped far beyond conventional requirements.

All our sites are ISO 9001 certified. The sites in China, Germany and Indonesia are additionally audited and certified with ISO 14001.

This underlines our high-quality standards.


framas works with recyclable materials, saves resources and reduces energy consumption by using the latest technologies.

We recycle various types of internal and external waste and create innovative ideas for their further use. framaprene is a heelcounter material that we offer in three versions. Furthermore, there is framapur, framamid, framafine, and framapex, which are based on different types of recycled plastic.

framas has experience not only with recycled materials but also tries to conserve energy internally. By using the most modern technologies framas saves resources and reduces energy consumption.

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