We, as the innovation.framas teams, want to create new unprecedented products while also improving upon existing ones. Therefore, we work proactively in the areas of product development, sustainability, digitalization, and rapid prototyping.



In conjunction with our development departments, we build upon and offer the following additional services:


3D-printing of prototypes

Research and consulting

Support of our development departments in innovative and sustainable product developments

Integration of state-of-the-art technologies into your products (Internet of things)

Workshops, for the joint conception of new products

Process development in the course of product development


3D Printing

Innovation drives us.

With the SLS-, SLA-, and FDM-printing systems used in the framas group, we can process powder, resin, and filaments to create functional and dimensionally accurate prototypes. These can be printed for simply design purposes or for functional and performance testing.

With our framas-internal 3D Print Space, we can provide you with fast 3D prints. During product development, it is already possible to print prototypes within a short timeframe to give you the opportunity to evaluate and test your product at an early stage.

For us, materials research specific for injection molding is not the only relevant field. We actively research various materials for 3D printing applications.


We, as the innovation teams, strive for a Digital Workspace making project management and internal and external collaboration with our partners more efficient. By implementing new software and tools, we are driving digitalization further and promote paperless working in all offices.

Only the most modern techniques and machines can be found in our productions. We already use the latest technologies in our research and integrate them into our products according to the motto of the Internet of Things.


We actively promote the cooperation with start-up companies in order to offer a platform for new ways of thinking and to convert innovative ideas into reality. By networking beyond the plastic processing industry, we create new perspectives.

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