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Green Materials for the footwear industry

IntroductionSustainability has become a very important topic in all areas of our daily life. Especially the fashion industry has to rethink its production patterns because it belongs to the industries, which harm our environment the most and accounts up to 10% of the global greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore the...

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Sustainability Reporting in the footwear industry

IntroductionSustainability, ESG, Circular Economy, Nature Positive, Net Zero, Sustainable Development Goals – the list is long and includes concepts and frameworks. What they have in common is the aim: For a better world for everyone. All these ideas have another thing in common. They all recognize that we live in a...

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Shoelast · Basics

Introduction Almost every shoe development starts with it. It gives a shoe the final form and is still formed out of wood in Germany. Can you guess what this article will be about? We want to tell you more about the shoelast!   What is a shoelast and why do we need one? A last is the base of almost every shoe and a...

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Material Basics · Injection Molding

Injection Molding in the footwear industry The range of plastics is huge. To not lose track, in this blog we focus on plastics used in injection molding within the footwear industry. But first of all, what is injection molding? Injection Molding is a commonly used manufacturing technology in the footwear industry. In...

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The Heel Counter

What is a heel counter? An internal heel counter is a non-visible shoe component placed in the back of the shoe to stabilize and tighten the back of the heel that shapes around the Achilles tendon of your foot. Accordingly, internal heel counters are used throughout most footwear categories fulfilling several...

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Welcome to the framas Blog

Welcome to the framas BlogYou probably wonder what you can do here? No? Anyway we will explain it to you. ? On the framas blog you will find educational posts about the shoe industry. This can be articles about shoe components, materials or production methods for example. Each article will be written with the help of...

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